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Kaylie & Vanilla 6-12

Welcome to H Diamond Cattle Co. and Eagle Rock Murray Greys where we raise registered Murray Grey and Black Angus cattle. We are commercially focused, striving to produce cattle that will make a profit in all areas of the cattle industry and under any conditions. We believe that as seedstock breeders we have the responsibility to produce cattle that are of the highest quality to ensure that only the best genetics continue to be passed on to our clients, and on to theirs. We have a very strict set of standards that every animal we produce must pass before it is advanced as a breeding animal. Any animals that don’t pass our criteria are sold as butcher beef or show steers.

Our Murray Grey cattle are registered through the National Murray Grey Registry. Several of our females are double registered and also have papers through the American Murray Grey Association.


Our goal is to produce moderately framed, structurally correct cattle that are highly fertile, have efficient growth, and yield quality carcasses. Calving ease and a good disposition are a must have!

About The Environment

Southeastern Idaho is part of the Great Idaho Desert. Our average annual precipitation is 8.9 inches. While many places now have canals and ditches to carry irrigation water to them, those areas that do not have irrigation are made up of dry grasses, sagebrush, rubber rabbitbrush, juniper trees, and antelope bristle brush. The average temperatures for Southeastern Idaho range from – 35 degrees `F in the winters to 104 degrees `F in the summers. Most winters we get on average three feet of snow and strong winds that blow up to 60 miles an hour. Our ranches are placed at an elevation just above 4,700 ft. Many areas around us are mountainous and there the forage changes to dry mountain grasses and many species of both coniferous and deciduous trees.  Our cattle are run on both irrigated and dry pastures.

Ranch Histories

651A & 295Y at Pine Creek 7-13The Christensen’s farm was homesteaded nearly one hundred years ago where Indians, trappers, and freight wagons had traveled the trail to Southwestern Montana. Our family purchased it in 1944. Many changes and improvements have occurred since it was sagebrush, and we now raise hay, grain, and cattle on this irrigated farm located about five miles North of Idaho Falls, in beautiful Southeastern Idaho.

The Holloway’s farm is located 16 miles north of Idaho Falls, in Roberts, ID, where we raise cattle, horses, dogs, and rabbits on this irrigated pasture land. We are lucky enough to get frequent visits from wildlife such as moose, deer, Trumpeter Swans, pheasants, Gray Wolves, Red Tailed Hawks, and many forms of water foul.

We started into beef cattle with a herd of commercial cattle and  registered Black Angus. After trying many different breeds, we began raising Murray Greys in 2000. We started with two cows, a calf, a bull and a lot of guidance from other Murray Grey breeders. We now have more than fifty registered Murray Grey cows. Our bloodlines come from some of the top herds in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We also have some registered Black Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, and some commercial cattle.

The Christensens have been involved in education for many years. The Holloways are self-employed in cattle hoof trimming and artificial insemination in the Upper Snake River Valley area. They also raise some registered Quarter Horses and Australian Shepherd dogs.