Reference Sires

The following are some of the bulls that we have used as herd sires or to A.I. our cattle. Semen is available from some of the following bulls and also some bulls that are not shown here. A complete list of semen and prices can be found on our For Sale Page.

Willalooka Power
Willalooka Power (best scan)

Willalooka Power is one of the most popular Murray Grey bulls in the USA. He is a silver bull from one of the top Murray Grey studs in Australia. He is a multi-trait leader in four traits – 400, 600 day weights, scrotal size, and carcass weight. Power has over 307 progeny in 37 herds. His calves are around 80 lbs. or less, and are born easily. They don’t grow as fast at first as some other calves, but by weaning they are at the top of the calf crop. They do especially well from weaning to yearling and excell in the feedlot. Power is the top carcass bull in Australia. He passes on this excellent trait to his calves. He has good females that milk well and raise big calves. He adds frame, growth, and an excellent temperament to his progeny. A special trait of Power’s is his ability to throw any shade of gray from silver to black. His sons have been known to do the same.

Eagle Rock Bonanza
ERM 25R 6-09 (cleaned up)

BD: 1/31/05   BW: 87 lbs.      205 day Wt.: 692 lbs.        YW: 1208 lbs.

Bonanza is a son of Willalooka Power (featured above) out of a black Canandian cow, Willow Creek Julie, who is a Twin Fir Black Jack daughter and a maternal sister to Willowcreek Jumbolaya. Bonanza is extremely long bodied with good height, correct structure, and lots of muscle. He has an exceptionally good temperament,and his calves are born easily with quick growth.

Lindale Jake 370Jjake5

BD: 1/21/99    BW: 68 lbs.     205 wt: 618 lbs.     SC: 40 cm

Jake is the son of Flying S General and the grandson of Willalooka Power (featured above).He is also the great-grandson of Lindale Bo Jangles and Willowdale West Wind 3S. Jake is a frame score 5.5, but tends to downsize his calves slightly. He is a good dark bull with very good feet and an excellent disposition that he passes onto his calves. He is calving ease with lots of growth, some of our highest weaning weights have been from his calves. He throws very nice females with good milking ability and udders, and his bulls are very masculine. His calves are very deep bodied, thick, and have lots of muscle.

Average BW BULLS: 76 lbs. HEIFERS: 66 llbs.
Average WW BULLS: 720 lbs. HEIFERS: 635 lbs.
Semen is available for $20 per straw

LB Grey Kringle 6K
Kringle 3-05

BD: 2/19/00    BW:77lbs    205 wt:613 lbs    365 wt:1010 lbs    SC:44 cm

We bought Kringle from Willow Creek Cattle Company in Canada in the fall of 2002. He is a black grandson of both Willalooka Power (featured above) and Monterey Marshall. He also boasts Warrook Zenda (featured further below) and Willowdale Khan in his pedigree. He has nice females with style, structural correctness, good udders, and depth of body. His sons are very long and masculine. He adds height, length, a good disposition, and good looks to his offspring, along with a large rump muscle that ties in low on the leg. His calves have consistently ultrasounded with low back fat, large rib eyes, and high marbling.
Semen Available for $20 per straw

HD Final Bonanza 183F

BD: 1/25/2018   BW: 79 lbs.   205 wt.: 719

H Diamond Final Bonanza 183F is an exciting young bull that we raised here on the ranch.  His sire is Sydney’s Dollar Sign, a grandson of Banksia Ridge Zorro and Willow Creek Jumbolaya, and a bull that has been popular with our grass-fed customers because of the size, yield, and finished product of his butchered steers.  Final Bonanza’s dam is Eagle Rock Xylene, one of the top cows from the Eagle Rock herd and a granddaughter of both Willalooka Power and Gentle Acres Trojan.  We’ve been really impressed with Final Bonanza’s calves.  They have been born easily with an average weight of 70 lbs., with  an average weaning weight of 700 pounds for his bull calves (on dry mountain conditions).  They are structurally correct and very long bodied.
Semen Available for $25 per straw

Young Guns Wyatt Earp
Young Guns Wyatt Earp

BD: 4/18/01

Wyatt Earp is a young sire from Australia that has recently had semen brought into the United States. His pedigree is a complete outcross to anything else in the U.S. and he comes from a background of top producing cows. His mother is a long, deep, broody cow with a good udder and spring of rib who always raises an excellent calf. Wyatt Earp is a long bodied, ultra thick bull with tremendous muscle expression. He has an excellent temperament that is “mother approved” by his owner’s mother, who refuses to allow any cattle with questionable temperaments on the ranch. We were lucky enough to see Wyatt Earp in person while we were in Australia in 2005. He was the most impressive bull that we saw in our two weeks of touring studs there. This picture does not do his length, thickness, or immense muscle any justice.

Twin Fir Fanfare

BD: 3/18/03     BW:73 lbs    Mature SC: 43 cm.

Fanfare is a son of Twin Fir Hard Copy and Twin Fir Lotus Blossom. He has a pedigree stacked with breed greats including Monterey Marshall, Willowcreek Marshall, Gentle Acres Trojan, Temar Lotus, and SWG Khan. His grandmother is the legendary Willow Creek Orchid who has won Grand Champion Female five times at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Fanfare himself was the Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the National Murray Grey show in Spokane, Washington,as a calf in September 2003, the Grand Champion Bull at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in 2005, the Grand Champion Bull at the National Murray Grey show in 2005, and the Supreme Champion at the National Murray Grey Show in 2005. He is a very tall, long, and deep bull with an outstanding disposition. He is not a heifer bull, but does very well on cows, adding frame, style, and good growth.

 Eagle Rock Sensation
33S 5-07

BD: 1/28/06      BW: 80 lbs.     WW: 814 lbs.     YWT: 1124 lbs.

Yearling Scrotal: 41 cm     Yearling Frame Score: 7

Sensation is an exceptional son of Twin Fir Fanfare, our National Supreme Champion bull (featured above), and out of a daughter of the well liked and hard to find Warrook Zenda (featured below). He was shown as a calf and placed 1st in his class at the NWMGA Regional show in Spokane, WA in 2006. He is more moderately framed and wider through the hips and pins than his father, and has a wonderful temperament with lots of length, depth, and muscle. This picture was taken when Sensation was 15 months old.
Semen Available $20 per straw

Warrook Zenda
Warrook Zenda 1

Zenda is a son of Orcadia Park Zodiac (the grandfather of the famous Lochaber-Braes Diplomat pictured below). He is a bull that is very well liked, but hard to find in the U.S. as he was used mostly in Australia at the Warrook Murray Grey Stud. Zenda is a very fertile bull, having a 93% live sperm count on his semen evaluation. He passes on this extreme fertility to his sons and daughters who are known for their longevity and abilily to breed back every year. Zenda is a frame score 5.5 and is very long and structurally correct. He can be used to breed cows or heifers. His calves are known for their hardiness and thriving ability. They are small at birth and are born easily, but they are very quick to grow. They are long, thick, and showy. Zenda is known for having excellent daughters who are fertile with good udders and milking ability.

Rockliffe Patron
Rockliffe Patron

Patron is another Australian sire who’s semen was brought into the U.S several years ago. He is a grandson of The Glen Avenger, a well known bull in the breed. Patron is a frame score 5 and has a 41 cm scrotal circumference. His mature weight is 2,582 lbs. He is very long with lots of muscle and depth. Patron is a bull that can be used to breed cows or heifers. His calves are light birth weight and are easily born. They grow quickly and inherit their father’s great length, depth, and muscle.

Monterey Marshall
Monterey Marshall B

Marshall was bred by the famous Monterey Stud in Australia. He is a very long bodied, thick muscled bull who’s calves are born easily and grow well. Marshall is especially known for having deep bodied, broody, easy fleshing daughters that raise growthy calves.

Semen Available $20

Lochaber-Braes Diplomat
LochaberBraesDiplomat - good picture

Lochaber-Braes Diplomat is one of the few truly great bulls of the Murray Grey breed. A multi traitleader in six traits- 200, 400, 600 day weight, scrotal circumference, carcass, and retail beef yeild, he has over 400 progeny in 62 different herds worldwide, and consistently transmits size, muscling, length, and ease of calving to his progeny. His calves have straight tops, pretty heads, and excellent structure. Lochaber-Braes Diplomat has had a huge effect on the breed through his sons and grandsons. Well known sons include JT Canadian Diplomat, Monterey Star Cheif, KCC Diplomat’s Ballet (featured below), Newfields Vo Rouge, Newfields Masterpeice, Freedom, and Momentum 2nd. A grandson, Monterey Starlight, was, until his death, the #1 bull in Australia. His semen sold for $100/straw.

Keighlians Wensleydale U1
Wensleydale age 9 years

Weight at 11 1/2 months: 500kg  (1100 lbs)

Wensleydale is a grandson of Lochaber-Braes Diplomat (featured above) through the well known bull, Newfields Masterpeice, who is considered to be one of Diplomat’s greatest sons. Wensleydale’s mother is Oakley Madge 277th, whose pedigree is a complete outcross to anything else in the United States. Wensleydale is a moderate frame bull with lots of muscle and an excellent disposition. His calves have shown the same length, thickness, and muscle expression that he does. They grow well and have a nice temperament. Wensleydale has won several Grand Champions and Supreme Champions as both a calf and as a mature bull. He is shown here at 9 years old, still sound and in top form.
Semen Available $25 per straw

KCC Diplomat’s Ballet 9C
Diplomat_'s Ballet

Diplomat’s Ballet (pictured here as a yearling) was born in Canada and brought to the U.S. as a calf with his mother, SWG Royal Ballet 9X (a big, heavy milking, good producing cow). He is the son of the famous Lochaber-Braes Diplomat (featured above), a multi-trait leader in six traits. While Diplomat’s Ballet is not quite as tall as his father, he is every bit as long and muscular. Born at 80 lbs., he passes on this birth weight and ease of calving. He adds thickness and improves milk in his calves. Diplomat’s Ballet also adds style to his calves with a pretty head, straight top line, and good feet and legs. We were lucky enough to see Diplomat’s Ballet in person when he was ten years old. He was still in great shape and was being used as a herd sire on the salt flats of Utah for the Rolfe Livestock Co.

HD Maximus ET 11M
Max 12-07 (cleaned up)

BD:3/7/02  BW:70 lbs.  205 wt:680 lbs.  Mature SC: 43 cm
Mature Hip Height: 56 in.

Max is one of our ET bulls out of HH Milt Springs Sam-Inda 48W  and by KCC Diplomat’s Ballet (featured above). He is a maternal brother to the well known bull, Lindale Bo Jangles. Max’s grandfather, Lochaber-Braes Diplomat (featured above) is a trait leader in six traits and is one of the most influential bulls ever to be in the Murray Grey breed. Max is a structurally correct, well balanced bull with straight top and bottom lines, lots of muscle, thickness, and a pretty head. He was the Reserve Junior Champion Bull at the National Murray Grey Show in Spokane, Washington, in September 2003 and the Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in 2004. The judge was very impressed with Max, calling him one of the most balanced bulls he had ever seen in any breed. Max puts a real stamp on his calves. He is a proven calving ease sire and can be bred to heifers or cows.His calves are all born easily, grown quickly, and are structurally correct with lots of style. They do very well in the pasture, feed lot, and show ring. Several of his calves can be seen on our Page Of Champions. They are deep, thick, long, fertile, easy maintance animals and his daughters have good udders and milk well. Max also passes on longevity as his mother stayed in our herd raising good calves until the age of 21 years old.
Semen Available $20 per straw

The Glen Showboat
The Glen ShowboatThe Glen Showboat is a very popular Australian bull. He has been used in over 138 herds worldwide and has well over 800 progeny. Showboat is a moderate birth weight bull with good growth and carcass weight.He is above average on marbling and is known for his excellent disposition. He is a frame score 6 and has a scrotal circumference of 45 cm. While he has nice bull calves, he is famous for his outstanding daughters. They are long, deep, feminine, and extremely easy fleshing with good feet and udders. All of Showboats progeny have style and are structurally correct.

Eagles Run High Roller 272R
High Roller 2008 Fixed picture

BD: 9/10/05       BW: 90 lbs. (Embryo)        205 day Wt: 653 lbs.
Weight at 18 months: 1400 lbs.
Yearling SC: 40 cm     Mature SC: 43 cm  

High Roller is an elite New Zealand embryo brought into the USA by Eagles Run Ranch in California. He is a son of the well liked and hard to find Marire Gambler and his mother is Marire Gladys 947, a grandaughter of Willalooka Jumbo. He is line bred The Glen Showboat (featured above) as both his mother and father are progeny of Showboat. High Roller is a long bodied, deep bull who packs a lot of muscle into a nice sized, easy fleshing package. He has an incrediblely good temperament and is in fact the nicest bull we have ever worked with. He passes on this excellent temperament to his calves. High Roller has calves that are a moderate birth weight (2007-2010 calf bw range is 71 lbs – 87 lbs.) and grow quickly. Several of High Roller’s sons have done exceptionally well at bull tests. A son of High Roller, HD Unitize 515U, was the High Performing Murray Grey Bull at the 2009 Midland Bull Test. He was also the second highest selling Murray Grey bull at the 2009 Midland sale. High Roller puts a real stamp on his calves and they are all long, deep, and thick with a lot of muscle expression and style.
Semen Available $20 per straw

Willalooka Leopold
Leopold 1Willalooka Leopold is a senior sire at the Willalooka Stud in Australia. He is a large birth weight bull (+4.3), however, his calves are born easily because they are built right. He is above breed average for growth, scrotal, carcase weight, and %IMF. His calves are long, smooth, and easy keepers. They are very thick with lots of rump muscle. A son, Willalooka Pharaoh P47 (featured below), is one of the sought after bulls of the breed right now.
Willalooka Pharoah P47
PharoahWillalooka Pharoah is a leading sire at the Willalooka Stud in Australia. He is a silver son of the well known Willalooka Leopold (featured above). Pharoah is a lighter birth weight bull than his father(+2.8)and he has outstanding growth traits. He is a trait leader in five traits: 200 wt, 400 wt, 600 wt, carcase wt, and retail beef yield. He is also in the top 1% of the breed for growth, carcase weight, and supermarket index, and in the top 5% for retail beef yield. He has over 425 progeny in over 35 different herds. Willalooka Pastoral Co. considers him to be one of the best working bulls to ever have been bred by them. The number of cows Pharoah can cover in a season has proven to be quite outstanding. Also their top three sires, Willalooka Thug, Willalooka Uplift, and Willalooka Unity are sons of Pharoah. In talking to Malcolm McDonald, manager of Willalooka Pastoral Co., he told us that Pharoah is one of only three bulls in all their years of raising cattle that has earned the right to live out his life on the ranch. In all, Pharoah has proven in every way to be a very impressive sire.

Eagle Rock Royal Prospect
ERM 23R fall 2007 (cleaned up)

BD: 1/20/05   BW: 82 lbs.  205-day Weight: 616 lbs.
YW: 1116 lbs.  Mature Scrotal: 40.5 cm

Royal Prospect is a son of Willalooka Pharoah (featured above) and out of a Willalooka Power daughter, Lindale Gaiety 278G. He is moderate framed and very long, with tremendous muscle expression.  As a calf he was the Grand Champion Junior Bull Calf at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in 2005 and the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Bull Calf at the National Murray Grey Show in Spokane, WA in 2005.  He is structurally correct with good feet and a good temperament. His mother and sisters are proven excellent producers that are fertile with good udders and plentiful milk.

Meljays Mr Nice Guy
Meljays Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy is a good dark bull that has a pedigree that is a complete outcross to anything in the United States. He is moderate framed, long, and really lives up to his name with an incredible temperament that he passes onto his calves. He has won several Grand and Reserve Grand Champions as a calf and as a mature bull. He is below breed average on birth weight and can be used safely on heifers. He has been known to throw black.
Semen Available for $25 a straw

Gentle Acres Trojan 66C

BD: 3/14/93    BW: 80 lbs.    205 day Wt: 773 lbs.    Mature Wt: 2265 lbs.

Trojan is a well known bull in the Northwestern United States. He won several Grand Champions at shows in 1993, 1994, and 1995. His calves have gone on to also win numerous Championships. He is a larger birthweight bull, around 80 -90 lbs. and should not be used on heifers. He is best known for his daughters. They breed a little late as heifers, but soon move up to calve with the rest of the herd. They have good udders with lots of milk and always raise a big, muscular calf. Trojan is one of the few Murray Grey bulls that consistently throws black calves. His bulls grow well and are very muscular. In a steer test one of his sons gained 6.3 lbs. per day over 56 days.
Semen Available $20

H Diamond Xplosion 576X       Semen available $25

BD: 2/9/10   BW: 77 lbs.  ADJ 205 WT: 780 lbs.  March 2011 Wt: 1225 lbs.   Color: Black

576X 10-10 E Sassafras & 576X Grand Champion Overall Female 9-10 C
JB Sassafras – Dam of Xplosion & 2010 EISF Grand Champion Female
Xplosion shown above at 7 months old – 2010 EISF Reserve Grand Champion Bull

Xplosion is a powerhouse bull that culminates 10 years of selective breeding for only the best. He impressively stacks some of the breed’s best animals into one package. His sire is HD Total Eclipse, a son of the highly proven cow, HD Ritzy Lady 149R, and an outstanding bull that was also the 2008 Midland Bull Test High Selling Murray Grey Bull. Xplosion’s dam is JB Sassafras, a top cow in our herd who is sired by The Glen Manuel and out of the extraordinary cow, JB Navarra.Xplosion combines high performance with carcass, efficiency, and maternal ability into a phenotypically impressive package. He had the highest 205 day weight of all our 2010 calves (Murray Grey, Black Angus, and Commercial). He is a thick, midsized bull with a kind, mild temperament. He was shown at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in 2010 by our 4 year old and  9 year old daughters. The judge commented several times that he could not find any faults with Xplosion or with his mother. The judge also commented that Xplosion’s mother is one of the most correct cows he has ever seen in any breed.

Xplosion’s calves are born in the 80 lb range and are impressive from the first day. They are thick and fast growing with good temperaments. He has thrown 98 % black calves on black and dark cows.

Semen available $25

BULY Apex Theory

BD: 1/27/16        Color: Silver  

Apex is a son of Woolowong Under the Radar and BULY Diana 36X an Eagles Run Hillbilly daughter. He is a large framed bull who adds structural correctness and hind end to his offspring. He has a quiet temperament and is easy to handle. His calves are born easily, are thrifty even in cold temperatures, and grow quickly. His daughters are good mothers who milk well.