Females For Sale

H Diamond is having a herd reduction sale. Discounts are available if you buy 3 or more animals.





BD: 2/3/23
BW: 83 lbs.
205 day wt: 729 lbs.


Sire: SBAR Quarterback 0028
Dam: 646J 
Maternal Grandsire: Stunner


  ————-MURRAY GREYS——–

H Diamond Yasmeen 303Y

BD: 2/9/2011
Color: Black

Price: $3000 for pair

Sire: Willallooka Power
Dam: Twin Fir Grambling (JT Enforcer daughter)

 Black bull calf   BD:2/23/24  BW: 83 lbs.
Sire Final Bonanza

H Diamond 312Y

BD: 7/09/2011
BW: 70 lbs.
Color: Dark

Price: $3000 for pair

Sire: Warook Zenda
Dam: HD 208U (dau. of Willalooka Pharaoh)

Brown bull calf   BD: 3/4/24   BW: 65 lbs.
Sire Explosion


H Diamond Damia 401D

BD: 1/13/2016
BW: 66 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $3000

Sire: Glen Manuel

Dam: H Diamond Uniqua (Young Guns Wyatt Earp daughter)

Due to calf 7/30/24
Sire:  H Diamond Hidalgo 187H – 2021 EISF All Breeds Supreme Champion Bull


H Diamond 716L

BW: 61 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price:  $2300

Sire: Lilyvale Dynamic
Dam: 188Y
Maternal Grandsire: Willalooka Pharaoh



H Diamond 719L

BW: 61 lbs.
205 day wt: 564
Color: Dark

Price: $2300

Sire: High Powered 214H
Dam 665J
Maternal Grandsire: Lindale Jake


H Diamond 720J

BD: 1/28/23
BW: 78 lbs.
205 day wt: 620 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $2300

Sire: BULY Apex
Dam: 418D
Maternal Grandsire: Xtreme Power


H Diamond 724L

BD: 2/7/23
BW: 76 lbs.
205 day wt: 608 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $2300

Sire: BULY Apex
Dam: Dillon’s Huckleberry 620H
Maternal Grandsire: Dillon’s Ephraim 320E


H Diamond 735L

BW: 77 lbs.
205 day wt: 500 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $2300

Sire: Frontier Marshall
Dam: H Diamond Black Betty 352B
Maternal Grandsire: Xplosion