Females For Sale

Due to loss of pasture H Diamond is having a herd reduction sale. Discounts are available if you buy 3 or more animals.


 H Diamond Tar Baby 182T

BD: 1/10/2007
BW: 73 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $2500 for pair

Sire: Lindale Blackhawk
Dam: HD Magic Power {Willalooka Power Daughter and Monterey Marshall granddaughter)

Black bull calf born 2/17/20.
Sire: HD Final Bonanza 183F



H Diamond Black Rose 266X (ANGUS)

BD: 2/3/2010
Color: Black

Price: $1800

Sire: Bushwacker
Dam H Diamond Miss 1407 150R (New Design 1407 daughter)

Due to calve in April 2020.



 H Diamond Beauty 340A (ANGUS)

BD: 1/16/2013
Color: Black

Price: $2000 

Sire: SAV Final Answer
Dam: H Diamond Miss Freightliner 181T (Connealy Freightliner daughter)

Due to calve in July 2020.


 AMW Countess 1517 (ANGUS)

BD: 6/14/2015
Color: Black

Price: $2000 

Sire: Deer Valley Compliance
Dam: AMW Countess 696 (Lemmon Newsline daughter and Sitz Alliance granddaughter)

Due to calve July 2020.

Eagle Rock 263E

BD: 2/1/2017
Color: Silver

Price: SOLD 

Sire: Kaylie’s Barbarian
Dam: Eagle Rock Sarah
Maternal Sire: Lindale Hobo 306H

Silver bull calf born 2/4/20.
Sire: Twin Fir Orlando


 H Diamond Yasmeen 303Y

BD: 2/9/11
Color: Black

Price: $2500 for the pair

Sire: Willallooka Power
Dam: Twin Fir Grambling (JT Enforcer daughter)

Dark heifer born 1/26/20.
Sire: Frame Up

 H Diamond Giovana 596G

BD: 5/18/19
BW: 60 lbs.
205 day Wt:
Color: Silver

Price: SOLD

Sire: Sydney’s Dollar Sign (Banksia Ridge Zorro and Willow Creek Jumbolaya grandson)
Dam: Eagle Rock Sarah (Lindale Hobo daughter and Kringle granddaughter)