Females For Sale

H Diamond is having a herd reduction sale. Discounts are available if you buy 3 or more animals.




BD: 3/13/2021
BW: 71
Color: Black

Price: $1300

Sire: Excitement
Dam: 374C (Potential daughter)


  ————-MURRAY GREYS——–

H Diamond 226V

BD: 1/13/2009
Color: Black

Price: $2500

Sire: Glen Manuel
Dam: HD 38F (dau. of JT Enforcer)

Black bull calf born 2/15/22
Sire: HD Heritage 183D

H Diamond Yasmeen 303Y

BD: 2/9/2011
Color: Black

Price: $2500 

Sire: Willallooka Power
Dam: Twin Fir Grambling (JT Enforcer daughter)

Heifer born 2/1/22
Sire: Heritage 183H

ERM 187Y

BD: 1/31/2011
BW: 57 lbs.
205 day wt.: 534
Color: Silver

Price: $2500

Sire: Sensation
Dam: ERM 147C (dau. of Lindale Bo Jangles)

Silver bull calf born 5/27/22 79 lbs.
Sire: 239H

**A son out of her was the 2021 Eastern Idaho State 
Fair Supreme All Breeds Bull Grand Champion.

H Diamond 312Y

BD: 7/09/2011
BW: 70 lbs.
Color: Dark

Price: $2500

Sire: Warook Zenda
Dam: HD 208U (dau. of Willalooka Pharaoh)

Dark heifer calf 3/9/22 68 lbs.
Sire: Apex

 H Diamond 332Z

BD: 10/1/2012
BW: 62 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $2500

Sire: Xplosion
Dam: HD Precious (Glen Manuel daughter)

Dark bull calf 3/7/22 71 lbs.
Sire: Apex

H Diamond 714B

BD: 3/17/2014
BW: 80 lbs.
Color: Dark

Price: $3000 SOLD

Sire: H Diamond York
Dam: HD 206U (Lindsay Elect daughter)

Black heifer calf 2/16/22 64 lbs.
Sire: Heritage 183H

  H Diamond 377C

BD: 1/14/2015
BW: 72 lbs.
205 day wt.: 658 lbs.
Color: Dark

Price: $2000 SOLD

Sire: High Roller
Dam: 312Y (Warook Zenda daughter)

Calf died and we fostered on a bull calf

H Diamond 418D

BD: 3/2/2016
BW: 78 lbs.
Color: Dark

Price: $3000

Sire: Xtreme Power
Dam: HD 714B( H Diamond York dau.)

Dark steer calf born 2/4/22
Sire: BULY Apex Theory

H Diamond 541F

BD: 2/3/2018
BW: 67 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $2500 SOLD

Sire: High Roller
Dam: Sassafras (Glen Manuel daughter)

Due: 2/16/22
BULY Apex Theory

H Diamond 546F

BD: 2/12/2018
BW: 61 lbs.
205 day wt.: 555 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $3000

Sire: Captain America
Dam: H Diamond 300Y (Willalooka Power daughter)

Silver bull calf 3/3/22 71 lbs.
Sire: BULY Apex Theory

H Diamond 571G

BD: 1/30/2019
BW: 73
Color: Silver

Price: $3000

Sire: BULY Apex Theory
Dam: H Diamond 300Y Willalooka Power daughter)

Silver bull calf born 2/5/22
Sire: Keighlians Wensleydale

H Diamond 630H

BD: 4/13/2020
BW: 73 lbs.
Color: Dunn

Price: $1800 SOLD 

Sire: 214F
Dam: H Diamond 262E (Barbarian daughter)

Due: Feb. 2022

H Diamond 664J

BD: 3/3/21
BW: 67 lbs.
205 day wt.: 627 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $1300


Sire: Apex
Dam: HD 541F (Captain America daughter)