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Puppies born June 1, 2020 – Ready for new homes mid July – mother is Gem.

We raise Miniature Texas Heelers, a breed that crosses Miniature Blue Heelers and Miniature Australian Shepherds.  Miniature Texas Heelers tend to be between 15-18 inches tall and weigh around 30-40 lbs.  They have the instinct and ability for working cattle, but are also great as family dogs and companions.  Their size makes them perfect for keeping up with horses or 4-wheelers, but they also fit nicely in the house or car.  This is not a random mixing of breeds to produce “mutts”, but is a purposeful, systematic crossing to establish the best character traits of both breeds.  We’ve found that Texas Heelers have the loyalty and steadiness of the Blue Heelers and the kindness, agility, and eagerness to please of the Australian Shepherds.




Gem is a super sweet, black, longhaired tri.  She is 16 inches tall and 40 lbs.
Gem is always happy and loves attention.  She is very loyal and loves
children. She is good around other animals.
Carmel is kind and mellow. She is a shorthaired red tri and is 17 inches tall
and 30 lbs.  She has a great maternal instinct and is a wonderful mother.
Carmel loves to have her belly scratched and is great with children and
other animals.
Minnie is a shorthaired spotted black tri who is 18 inches tall and weighs 40
lbs.  She is very obedient and has a cute personality.  She likes to “talk” to
people and several of her puppies have inherited this.  Minnie is great with
children and other animals.
Jack Frost is our purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd male and the father
of all our puppies. He is a beautiful long haired blue merle with partial blue eyes.
Jack is 17 inches tall and 30 lbs.  He is gentle and has a loving personality.  He is
very agile and quick with plenty of stamina.  Jack is great with children and
other animals.  
These are the grandparents of our three females.  The Grandmother  is named, Pepper. She is a purebred Miniature Blue Heeler (NO Chihuahua bred in!) that weighs 40 lbs and is 17 inches tall.   She is a great dog that is kind, obedient, and smart. She works cattle,
keeps up with the 4-wheeler and horses, is safe around chickens and cats, and she loves
our children! She has never nipped at anyone and she is kind to strange dogs and people.  
The Grandfather to our females is Tex, a purebred Red Tri Toy Australian Shepherd
who has a quiet temperament and loves attention. He is registered with the CKC and
has Grand Champions on both sides. He weighs 9 lbs. and is 12 inches tall.