Bulls For Sale   –   Our Cattle run on high mountain range for the summer at over 6000 feet elevation.​​

​                                                                                         Murray Greys                  


H Diamond 543K

BD: 1/28/22
BW: 87 lbs.
205 day wt: 602 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $3500 

Sire: Lindale Jake
Maternal Grandsire: Wyatt Earp
Paternal Grandsire: Flying S General



H Diamond 571K

BD: 2/5/22
BW: 71 lbs.
205 day wt: 620 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $3500

Sire: Keighlians Wensleydale
Maternal Grandsire: BULY Apex

H Diamond 300K

BD: 2/18/22
BW: 71 lbs.
205 day wt.: 692 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $3500 Available in September

Sire: Hot Chocolate 226H
Maternal Grandsire: Willalooka Power
Paternal Grandsire: BULY Apex

H Diamond 593K

BD: 3/22/22
BW: 89 lbs.
205 day wt: 678 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $3500 SOLD

Sire: Heritage 183H
Maternal Grandsire: Dollar Sign
Paternal Grandsire: Willalooka Power

 H Diamond 600K

BD: 4/7/22
BW: 70 lbs.
205 day wt: 648 lbs.
Color: Silver

Price: $3500 SOLD

Sire: High Powered 214H
Maternal Grandsire: Zodiak
Paternal Grandsire: Willalooka Power



SBAR Quarterback 0028

BD: 2/13/2020

Price: $4000

Sire: SAV Quarterback 7933
Dam: SAV Blackcap May 5833

Calves have been born easily, grow well, are structurally correct and have had good temperaments.


H Diamond 629K

BD: 2/15/22
BW: 83 lbs.
205 day wt: 736 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $3500 SOLD

Sire: Circle L Gus
Maternal Grandsire: Bobcat Payweight
Paternal Grandsire: Chisum


 H Diamond 572K

BD: 4/11/22
BW: 75 lbs.
205 day wt: 654 lbs.
Color: Black

Price: $3500 SOLD

Sire: 0028
Maternal Grandsire: SAV Potential
Paternal Grandsire: SAV Quarterback